The Kitchen is the heart of the home. The place where time is spent with friends and family and memories are made through many shared recipes. At Coldwater Lumber, we can help you create the perfect space to make these memories. 

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    What are your sizing needs? Do you enjoy hosting large groups? Or do you prefer small, intimate spaces?
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    What are the dimensions of the space you are working with?
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    What style are you envisioning?
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    What do you love about your current kitchen? What are you hoping to improve?
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    What is your budget?

Imagine the Possibilities

Kitchen FAQ's

Will an updated kitchen increase the value of my home?

Always! The average expected return on your investment is 52% according to better homes and gardens.

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?

This can vary on the size of the project. Our advice is to spend your time in the planning stages. Do you homework, check lead times and order accordingly. When you start the project, you have most of your ducks in a row and can anticipate a quicker finish.

Do I need a hood for my oven or is a microwave fan enough?

The average homeowner can get by with the ventless fan that comes with an over the stove microwave.  If you are an avid chef, you may want to consider a hood that is vented.

Can Coldwater Lumber draw up a design for me?


What's the most durable countertop?

We typically like to say… the coffee pot works the same whether you spend $600 or $6,000 on your countertops. We find that the most durable material is quartz. It is taking the best stone mother nature has to offer and enhancing it with resins and pigments, making it totally waterproof.

How do I coordinate my project when it includes more than just cabinets?

We highly recommend investing in a general contractor. We have a list of preferred contractors that we can provide to you, or if you prefer to do the project yourself – we can help with that too.

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