• Quartz

    Quartz countertops are engineered stone products which can be used in virtually any indoor surface location. You can even install quartz on walls and floors. Quartz counters are typically of 95% natural quartz granules and 5% resins and colorants. The natural properties of quartz crystals and the engineering process give quartz countertops many valuable benefits and characteristics.
  • Granite

    Granite is a symbol of strength and durability for a very good reason—it’s one of the hardest naturally occurring substances on the planet. As such, granite is highly resistant to heat, cold, the elements, and the ages.

    Granite is available in myriad natural colors and patterns. As a countertop material in particular, granite consistently outperforms other substances such as butcher block, ceramic tile, and laminate.

    Granite is especially well-suited for indoor areas that see heavy foot traffic. Outdoors, granite is used in paving driveways and patios, making curbs, and as exterior wall cladding.

    Granite is a hard, coarse-grained igneous rock formed when magma—or molten rock—solidifies in the earth’s crust. For the most part, granite contains feldspar, quartz, and mica. The colors in granite are caused by the minerals and other organic matter present when the granite was in its molten state.


  • Solid Surface

    100% acrylic based surface products are solid, nonporous and do not require sealing. They’re naturally resistant to heat, mold, mildew and most stains, even tough stains are easily buffed away. They’re renewable and repairable -- scratches are easily repaired.
  • Laminite



    Explore color, texture and pattern. Invent and re-invent looks that fit your home, your room, your style. Our Design Center gives you the freedom to try out design ideas and see what works for your kitchen or bath. It's fun.

    Specialty laminates from Pionite offer some of the finest products available today. These include items that provide structural stability, color-through surfaces, chemical resistance, fire rated surfaces and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

    A world-leading producer of decorative surfacing products. No matter what your budget or style, whether you are a design professional or a consumer, we have a product to fit your needs. Where Great Ideas are Surfacing!

  • Cultured Marble

    Cultured Marble, a cast polymer or cultured marble product, gives you the look of Marble and Granite at a fraction of the cost. It is durable and maintains it's quality for many years to come.